Dyslexia Awareness Level 1

CPD Course ID: 1003468

This programme is suitable for anyone who:

  • Wants to learn what Dyslexia is
  • Wants to learn more about identifying Dyslexic characteristics
  • Wants to learn more about support mechanisms
  • Works with, or intends to work with people in the role of community worker, tutor, HR advisor, IAG advisor, employment coach etc.
  • Wants to know about the “reasonable” adjustments they can make in the workplace.
  • Wants to enhance their CV
  • Wants to identify their own strengths and areas for development
  • Needs to practice their communication and presentation skills and is happy to give and receive feedback

Activity Type: Classroom-Based Learning or Distance Learning

What  are the activity’s learning outcomes?:
1: Introduction to Dyslexia:
What is dyslexia and why should we all be aware of it? This module focuses on the misconceptions of dyslexia and the challenges faced by children with dyslexia due to a difference in their ability to process information as compared to their peers.
2 How Dyslexia Impacts on a Child’s Learning:
In this module, you will learn about the everyday impact that dyslexia can have on all aspects of a child’s life, from engaging in learning activities to refining basic skills and how they can lead a happy day to day life without challenges and difficulties.
3 Spotting the Signs:
This module discusses the various signs that you may spot in a child or teenager that indicates they may have dyslexia. It explains what actions you can take if you suspect a child is showing early signs of dyslexia.
4 Testing for Dyslexia:
It is vital you know what to do if you suspect a child has dyslexia and if you are seeking a diagnosis. By the end of this module you will know what information is required if taking a child to be tested and will familiarise you with the various types of dyslexia or other disabilities that may be discovered in the child.
5 Helping Children With Dyslexia at Home:
It is essential that children are supported with reading and arithmetic skills at home. This module is designed for you to practically think and plan how to help children and parents with learning at home. Various methods are explored with a particular focus on multisensory learning.
6 Helping Dyslexic Children With Education:
In this module you will gain the practical knowledge of how you can support a child in school. Exercises are designed to get you thinking about how you can adapt your own methods and it will also challenge your existing ideas about dyslexia in the classroom. You will learn how to help children develop a positive attitude to learning.
7 Technology and Resources:
In this module you will learn about useful technology that will support a dyslexic child during their time of learning. You will also find links to resources that provide further information about dyslexia or materials that you can access, download, or purchase to support teaching methods.

Assessment Method:

You will be assessed via a portfolio of evidence of learning. Your certificates will be provided to you on successful completion of this CPD accredited course.  You can also claim 10 CPD hours towards your professional development.


You will be provided with a free resource booklet.


Examiner: The CPD Group
Provider ID: 777707
Course No: 1003468
Value: 10 CPD Credits

Cost : £99