Counselling Skills Level 1

CPD Course No: 1004387

There are many different fields in which counsellors can specialise, such as counselling for marriage and relationships; children and adolescents; families, substance misuse and oncology patients.

Counsellors work in a variety of settings, such as schools and colleges, advice centres, and hospitals, GP surgeries or independent private practices.

This course will provide you with a solid introduction to counselling and enable you to understand the skills you will need to become a successful counsellor.

Unit 1: Using counselling skills

In this unit, you will learn to identify core counselling skills alongside understanding how these are practised in a counselling relationship. You will gain an understanding of how to establish an effective working relationship and will consider the boundaries which need to be respected in this sensitive role.

Unit 2: Introduction to counselling skills theories

This unit will introduce you to the key elements of the main theoretical approaches in counselling, psychodynamics, person-centred therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. There are key practical differences between these theories and you will hone your skills in understanding the significant importance of counselling theory.

Unit 3: Diversity and ethics in the use of counselling skills

This unit covers the concepts of diversity and ethics. You will gain an understanding of anti-discriminatory practice, discover the key aspects of an ethical framework, and discover ways to address diversity in counselling skills practice.

Unit 4: Counselling skills and personal development

This unit encourages you to develop self-understanding, identifying your own values and beliefs and the ability to reflect on your personal qualities and skills.

Assessment Method:

You will be assessed via a portfolio of evidence of learning. Your certificates will be provided to you on the successful completion of this CPD accredited course.  You can also claim 10 CPD hours towards your professional development.


You will be provided with a free resource booklet.


Examiner: The CPD Group
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Course No: 1004387
Value: 10 CPD Credits

Cost : £99