Chackabella STEM Parties

Weekly activity sessions, starting in September 2018, perfect for your homeschooled son/daughter! 11.30am – 12.30pm recommended for children aged 4 to 7 years. For children aged 8 to 11 years, sessions start from 1.00pm till 2.00pm. Children with special needs welcome too, please talk to us!

Our STEM activities, which are constructed from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, form a key part of education for your child. All children love to find out how things work through fun, hands-on projects. At Chackabella, we love preparing our Investigation Team ready for their technological futures!

Juice & snack included.

£8 per session, or choose & pre-book 10 sessions for £75 or all 12 sessions for £85.

Pre-booking is essential!

To book, contact Wendy or Rachel on 01253 396342 / 07761981043 or send us a message on Facebook @chackabellaparties

Disclaimers will be required for all children, signed by a legal parent/guardian.

Autumn Term

11th September – Party Designing

You will be the ultimate party planner! You will create your own Logo cake. You will then produce your own scientific fizzy balloon to take home.

18th September – Glass Painting

Can glass be made from sugar? Today you will be investigating this concept.

25th September – Pizza Making

Today we discover the power of yeast and how we can use it in many ways and many different recipes.

9th October – Fairy Gardens or Dinosaur Rock Gardens

Lots of planning and measurements are to be taken today for you to form your own garden ready to take home. We will also be planting seeds for you to watch how they grow.

16th October – Rocket Madness

Today we will design our own rocket and we will be trying to launch them into space. You will learn new concepts which you can take home and show your family.

30th October – Traditions are starting

Today we have lots Creepie Cookies & Spooky Art. We will also conduct a special experiment to see if we can also make Our Scary Worms start to dance!

6th November – Volcanic Explosions

Today we will begin building our own volcanos. You follow your own design and we will be using lots of sand! Today will be very creative and hands on – we will be stretching your mathematic and thinking skills to a new level.

13th November – Perfecting Product Design

We will continue our design and build theme today by looking at Lego Building. We will also be painting our volcanoes which will have dried and set from last week.

20th November – Our Eruptive Week

27th November UV Flower Time

An Investigation to see if we can make flowers glow in the dark or change colour. We will also make a beautiful flower for you to take home too!

4th December – Advent

Today we look at our family traditions. You will also measure and design your own beautiful candle holder from clay.

11th December – Traditional Cupcakes & Gingerbread Men

Today we create our gingerbreads to take home for your special relatives…you may even have a little taste too! We look at the different ways we use gingerbread and ginger cakes and we will also include a demonstration of this famous cake from our award-winning cake specialist.