Chackabella PreSchool Club


Welcome to Chackabella pre-school learning club, from September 2018 we have an exciting timetable of events run in association with Chackabella Club which is formed by Fylde Tuition Centre and Rachel’s Yummy Scrummy Cakes. Every Tuesday morning, why not join us between 10 – 11am, while your pre-schooler has fun with different activities, mums, dads or even grandparents can enjoy coffee & a chat!

11th September – Chackabella Head Chef Week

Today on Adventure Chackabella, your child will be one our head chefs – will you be designing a beautiful biscuit crown or a magnificent sword fit for a king whilst dressed in our cooking outfits? We will take you on the journey where your imagination can reach a new height and we look forward to seeing your designs from our colourful decorations and icings!

18th September – Our Finger Family:

A special activity for parent and child – feel free to make this a special time and both parents can come too! Today we design our special tree – and together we create our leaves which form our family – we will even give you a special little pot of glitter paint to take away to add more of your family too – an event not to be missed and a treasure to display at home or give to grandparents or a special relative as a gift.

25th September – Chackabella Story Time

Today your imaginations will run to a new level as we follow a magical story. In our Magic Den, we will cover friendships, loyalty and the gift of sharing. I will give you a clue but you may even design your own special Rainbow Fish to take home. A lesson designed in the hope it will never be forgotten.

9th October – Chackabella HQ Puppet Play – That’s the way we do it!

Today we will design your own finger puppet. With our bright, glittery and colourful resources we can’t wait to see your creations.

16th October – Minion Madness

Today is party day – Chackabella HQ – we were designed to party! Come dressed yellow, blue or as a minion! There is a prize for the best dressed parent …. ok … all children get a little surprise too!! Today you are going to build your own minion and we just can’t wait to see the results! Feel free to plan at home in advance and bring an egg carton or two – this is serious competition!!

30th October – Cutey Spooky Art

We invite you to join our ‘Chackabella Adventure’ in your favourite fancy dress outfit – we will be designing some spooky crafts and planting your own pumpkin ready to take home. If you want a little homework – bring to class your own created pumpkin which you have completed at home! Little gift for all who display their work.

6th November – Magic Music

Today at Chackabella HQ we are musical princes and princesses – we have instruments to play and songs to sing …. and plenty of props and costumes to wear!

13th November – Duplo, Lego & Clay Play :

Duplo, Lego & Clay Play – As keen educators we understand the importance of independent play and allowing an idea to develop. Today we support your child design and create with our lovely resources- we even take this to a new level where a colourful figure can be designed to take home. These activities are designed in a way which encourages the development of fine motor skills – an awesome part of learning!

20th November – Autumn Adventure

This is our favourite time for puddles, hot chocolate and autumn coloured clothes – today we introduce our new season and look at our traditions. Today will be very multi-sensory and we will work together so everyone takes home a beautiful autumn scenery to display on your kitchen wall.

27th November – Chackabella Messy play

No clean clothes today!!! Just come and enjoy the movement and fun and keep your own house nice and clean!!!

4th December – Chackabellas Christmas Journey:

Today we learn about the start of advent – a special learning time for all. Chackabella just loves Christmas and today we can’t wait to share the start of this with you all.

11th December – Gingerbread Men Feast

Following the Christmas tradition and our favourite workshop of all! Today we create our gingerbreads to take home for your special relatives….. you may even have a little taste too! We look at the different ways we use gingerbread and ginger cakes and we will also include a demonstration of this famous cake from our award winning cake specialist.

Additional Information

  1. All required resources are provided by Chackabella, including a bag for your little person to take their creations home – all you need to bring is yourselves!
  2. Juice for children, tea & coffee for grown-ups & toast or crumpets for all included.
  3. £6 per session, or choose & pre-book 10 sessions for £55 or all 12 sessions for £60 – pre booking is recommended!


Disclaimers will be required for all children, signed by a legal parent/guardian.
This programme of activities has been developed by early years and curriculum specialists previously recognised as outstanding on several occasions, with full DBS & trained in peadriatric first aid.  All staff have current food hygiene certificates and Rachel’s Yummy Scrummy Cakes has a 5* food hygiene rating from Wyre Borough Council.