Month: March 2020

Counselling Skills Level 1

There are many different fields in which counsellors can specialise, such as counselling for marriage and relationships; children and adolescents; families, substance misuse and oncology patients. Counsellors work in a variety of settings, such as schools and colleges, advice centres, and hospitals, GP surgeries or independent private practices. This course will provide you with a […]

Mental Health Awareness Level 1

This course is perfect for anyone who is employed or wishes to follow a career in healthcare or education.  It is also suitable for someone with a personal interest in mental health that wants to know more for their own benefit or to help friends and family overcome any health difficulties. Activity Type: Classroom-Based Learning […]

Autism Awareness Level 1

The Autism Awareness course aims to develop your understanding of the diverse condition of autism and gives practical suggestions when working with autistic individuals. Autism refers to a whole range of social, language and communication problems. Severity ranges from mild and often undiagnosed to severe, where it is almost impossible for people to successfully engage […]