Mental Health Awareness Level 1

CPD Course No: 1004312

This course is perfect for anyone who is employed or wishes to follow a career in healthcare or education.  It is also suitable for someone with a personal interest in mental health that wants to know more for their own benefit or to help friends and family overcome any health difficulties.

Activity Type: Classroom-Based Learning or Distance Learning

What  are the activity’s learning outcomes?:

Section 1: What is meant by mental health

In this section, you will learn about the terms ‘mental health’ and ‘mental ill health’, possible causes of mental health problems, examples of mental health problems, and common sources of information on mental health issues.

Section 2: The social and personal effects of mental ill health

This section explores the prominence of individuals experiencing mental health problems in the UK, the effects that experiencing a mental problem might have on an individual, how mental health is reported in the media, the negative effects that media reporting can have on an individual, the negative effects that media reporting can have on society, and how stereotyping can affect people with mental health problems.

Section 3: The responses to mental health issues

In this section, you will learn about the rights of people experiencing mental ill health, possible responses that can be made to support an individual with mental health problems, factors which can have an impact on whether a response will work, where to refer people for further help or guidance about mental health issues, and ways to promote positive mental health.

Section 4: Cultural diversity in relation to mental health issues

In this final section, you will explore the possible causes of mental distress in different cultural groups, examples of barriers that may exist for different cultural groups accessing services, ways of overcoming barriers to accessing services, and factors that can help promote positive mental health amongst different cultural groups.

Assessment Method:

You will be assessed via a portfolio of evidence of learning. Your certificates will be provided to you on successful completion of this CPD accredited course.  You can also claim 10 CPD hours towards your professional development.


You will be provided with a free resource booklet.


Examiner: The CPD Group
Provider ID: 777707
Course No: 1004312
Value: 10 CPD Credits

Cost : £99